Hands Up Everyone Who WANTS To Be An Employer

Fifty years ago, many people setting out on the rocky road of self-employment, and starting their own business, would have an ambition to expand the business exponentially and become a much larger fish in their particular pond.

While not everyone would have this ambition, the aim for many was to open an office, and employ people to do all of the “grunt” work, leaving them free to enjoy the fruits of other people’s labour. The dream was the big house in the country, a Rolls Royce, enough money to buy anything they wanted, and plenty of free time for holidays.

Employing other people was the means to this end.

Today, that has all changed. Employing other people has become a nightmare, with tons of legislation and red tape, all of which is skewed heavily in favour of the employee, and against the employer.

It is almost the case that an employee can sue you if he or she doesn’t like the colour of your office carpet. Not only that, they will probably win.

However, with the growth of the internet over the last ten years, it is now possible to have all of the benefits of having employees without actually employing anyone. Nowhere is this more important than when you are just setting out on a new business venture.

Almost any business that you run will still need the services of a secretary or typist. Letters need to be written, documents drafted, reports typed up, and more. However, it is now possible to use outsourced typing services to have all of this work done efficiently, and with a quick turn-around time.

This means that not only do you not have to hire an employee, but you don’t have to provide her with all of the things needed in a traditional business. Just to begin with, you don’t need to rent an office. You don’t need to buy or lease all of the equipment needed, such as desks and chairs, filing cabinets, copying machines, computers, a coffee machine, and much more.

You don’t need to give your typist five weeks annual holiday (what do you do about your typing when she does take a holiday?). If she gets pregnant, you don’t have to give her maternity leave. If she goes sick, you don’t have to pay her. Above all, she can’t sue you. The benefits of outsourced typing services just go on and on.

Of course, when you use outsourced typing services you are paying more per hour than you would an employee, but you are only paying for the hours worked. So you might only have sufficient work for a typist for, say, three days a week. However, following the principle that work expands to fill the time available for its completion, it will take your employee five days a week.

Using outsourced typing services, the work will quite simply be completed in three days, and that is all you pay for. Call us to learn more of the benefits of outsourced typing services. You will probably be amazed.

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