The Hidden Costs Of DIY

When you run a small business, whether it is just you, or whether you perhaps have a half dozen employees, you have to wear a multitude of different hats. Ultimately, you are responsible for everything, and your success or otherwise depends on you.

However, you cannot be an expert at everything, and the wise business owner will recognise that, while he or she will excel in some areas, there will always be other people who will perform a particular task more efficiently. The key to getting some tasks done more effectively can be summed up in one word: delegation.

There is an opportunity cost to everything. It is worthwhile considering which tasks you excel at, and which you are not so good at. Ask yourself if it is worth your time to try and perform a particular task, or whether you would be better off concentrating at what you do well, and delegating certain jobs to someone else. Of course, if you are a one man business or a start-up, it is often the case that you will be thrifty, but it is better to be thrifty with your time, and to spend a little money getting those other jobs done by someone else.

Nobody can be the best at everything, and if you feel that you won’t do a certain job as well as it could be done by someone else, then you need to figure out who that someone else is.

Of course, it may even be the case that you could do a particular job as well as anyone else, but you still have to ask if that is the best use of your time. It might be that it will take you twice as long as someone else, or simply the recognition that there are only so many hours in a day, and your attention is better focused elsewhere. When you are responsible for many different areas, it can become impossible to do everything at peak performance, so some things are going to slip, unless you delegate.

Of course, with the rapid growth of the internet over the last few years, is has become easier than ever before to delegate certain tasks to outsiders. For example, if you are a one man business, it may be tempting to take your laptop home and type up all of the documents and correspondence you need during the evening.

However, this not only extends your working day even further, but by using outsourced typing services you will probably get the job done in half the time. We all need some rest and relaxation, and you have to consider whether some time spent with your family is a better proposition.

Furthermore, as your business expands, you will need correspondingly more typing done, but still may not have sufficient work to employ a typist or secretary directly. This is one of many reasons why more and more businesses are making use of outsourced typing services. It enables the business owners to get the work done quickly and efficiently, and leaves more time for them to concentrate on jobs which are far more productive.

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