Introducing The Smartphone Way of Dictating

Smartphone AppHere at WWY Ltd we offer a variety of ways to send us dictation files and our objective is to have a solution for everyone depending upon what your preferred method is.

Today we are focusing on the Smartphone App which we can offer to our clients in conjunction with one of our Trusted Partners.

The app works on both Apple and Android products and can be downloaded through the respective ‘app stores’ very easily. You will also receive support to help you set up the app for the first time to ensure that any voice files you record are automatically sent directly to us upon you hitting the send button.

As you can see from the picture, the software is straightforward to use with all you need to be able to dictate either whilst out on your job or once sat comfortably at your desk (or on the sofa – hey who will know??).

Simply press the big red ‘record’ button to both record and pause your file as you go along. Holding the fast forward and rewind buttons will do just that and you can also playback what you’ve recorded so far – perfect for those times that you get interrupted and can’t remember what you last said.

There is also the ‘Overwrite’ function which means if you realise you dictated something you want to word differently, you can rewind back to that section and overwrite the current file from there on. Or alternatively an ‘Insert’ function where you can insert dictation if you realise you have missed something important in the middle or at the beginning for example.

You can select job types, give titles to your file etc. too and once you are happy, press send at the top right and it will wing its way to our typing platform ready for allocation to one of our ready and waiting typists.

WWY Ltd provides market leading turnaround times for your report and we are always happy to discuss your requirements and work with you to provide you with the outsourcing solution you require.

We also appreciate that smartphone apps aren’t for everyone so please take a look HERE for the other means of sending your voice files to us. Alternatively, please Contact Us and we will be happy to help!

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