Outsourced Typing Services For The Bigger Business

If you run a bigger business, say with 50 employees or more, it may never cross your mind to consider using outsourced typing services. You may simply think that, if you have an extra burden of typing, the obvious thing to do is to hire another typist.

However, if you stop to consider it for a moment, there may be many advantages to NOT hiring an additional typist, but outsourcing the work instead.

To begin with, and as you will know from long experience, when you hire another employee you have all of the disadvantages that go with that. You have to pay them for five weeks holiday, just to start. That’s five weeks you are paying someone for not doing any work. Then your typist might go sick. So you have to pay them sick leave. That’s more time you are paying them for not working.

She might get pregnant. Now you are faced with maternity leave. She might trip over a loose piece of carpet in your office: now she will sue you, and you will almost certainly lose.

Even if she doesn’t go sick or get pregnant, or trip over the carpet, you still have to train her in the way that you want the job done. That takes someone in your organisation some more time.

After all this, you may not have sufficient work to keep her busy for five days a week, but you still have to pay her. You probably have to contribute to her pension scheme.

Using outsourced typing services immediately frees you from all of the burden of employing someone. You simply use outsourced typing services as and when you need them, and that is all you pay for. So if you really only have enough work for four days each week, you pay for four days.

You don’t have to train anyone. They are already trained. If they go sick, or get pregnant, that’s their problem, not yours. If they want five weeks holiday, they can take it, but you don’t pay for it. You simply use another outsourced typing services worker.

The work will be produced on time every time. It will be up to scratch, and proof read. Your outsourcer knows that if it isn’t you won’t continue to use her services, you will go elsewhere.

When you use outsourced typing services, you have all of the benefits of hiring an employee, without any of the drawbacks. You still call the shots. Outsourcing your typing is particularly useful when you have amounts of work needed that change from one day, or one week, to the next. You just use what you need when you need it.

You may well find that, as time goes on, you use outsourcing more and more frequently, as many of our clients now do. We are there when you need us.

We are also still there when you don’t. It’s good to know that you always have a fall-back position.

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