Outsourcing Your Typing Makes All The Difference

Typing up all of your reports is one of the most time-consuming activities that it is possible to imagine. When you are a chartered surveyor, actually carrying out the survey is only one half of the job.

That is the part of the job that requires the skills and the technical expertise that you have learned over the years. The other half of the job, actually writing the report and supplying it to your client, does not require any technical skills at all. Well, it does require the ability to transcribe your findings on to paper so that they can be presented to your client, but that is something that can be carried out by a qualified secretary.

There is a world of difference between the earnings per hour of somebody such as yourself, a chartered surveyor, and a secretary. Certainly, a secretary who has the necessary skills to understand the terminology that you use in the course of your surveys will have more expertise, and therefore earn a higher rate of income, than an average secretary just typing up general correspondence.

However, although she will not earn the same hourly rate that you will charge your clients, she does need to understand how a surveyor thinks, and understand the points that you are trying to present to your clients, so that they have an accurate representation of your findings. Your job is to survey the buildings or land involved, using the skills that you have taken several years to learn, and report them to your client.

What you do not need to do is to get involved with the actual mundane process of doing the reporting, except in so far as it is necessary to dictate your findings. Once you have done that, all that has to be done is for a qualified secretary/typist to transcribe your thoughts on to paper and to forward them on to the client. You have done all the hard work that requires your years of training and experience, with the object that your client can now make an informed decision as to whether to buy a property, whether it needs remedial work done before being habitable, whether a certain piece of land is suitable for the purposes that your client intends to use it, and much more.

Actually putting this all down on paper does not require the skills that you have learned over the years. Your time is far too valuable to be slaving over a hot laptop typing out the results of your findings.

The simple answer is to make use of outsourced typing services. This has huge benefits for the overall prosperity of your business. Whether you are a one-man business or a multi-national, outsourcing the mundane, everyday tasks can be reflected in your bottom line.

Outsourced typing services can take care of all your reports such as condition reports, schedules of dilapidation, home buyer reports mortgage valuations, building surveys, and general correspondence. Whatever you need to put down on paper can be achieved by using outsourced typing services while you do what you do best, which is carrying out the surveys.

Our typists at WWY are mostly self-employed and work at home. Each of them has several years’ experience of working in conjunction with chartered surveyors, real estate agents, in financial services, and – in many cases – in the legal profession. As a result, you do not need to train them in the way you would have to do if you were to take on a secretary as an employee, since they already know and understand the terminology that you use in the course of your reports.

Furthermore, they are familiar with all of the industry software such as Quest, Valuation Exchange, isurvProforms, isurvWorksmart, and more.

Using outsourced typing services can save you an awful lot of time, and at the same time, a lot of money. You have none of the overheads of employing a secretary, renting an office, buying office furniture and stationery, and paying wages. You simply pay for what you need when you need it.

For the smaller practice, this is invaluable. Since you are not officially an employer you have none of the overheads, nor yet any of the pitfalls, that can beset other businessmen who find it necessary to employ staff.

With outsourced typing services, you have the best of both worlds. You can dictate your reports on to a digital dictation machine, or transmit them via a mobile phone, through email, or directly through our website. This means that you can dictate all your reports on the go, and simply carry on and visit your next client.

What could be simpler? Using outsourced typing services is the way forward for the smaller surveying business in the 21st century.

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