Property Industry News – New Property Portal in the New Year

IMG_5722If you ask someone to name one of the property portal’s for buyers and/or sellers, you will probably get the answer of ‘Rightmove’ quickly followed by ‘Zoopla’, and possibly if they have seen the adverts (or their Estate Agent uses it) they may mention ‘On The Market’.

Obviously the big two have been around for a long time and tend to be the first port of call when thinking about searching for properties to buy. There is however a new portal being rolled out at the beginning of February 2020 according to Property Industry Eye which will be called OpenBrix.

OpenBrix is reported to have been designed to “disrupt the market” and allow estate agents to have control of the platform. OpenBrix themselves will act as ‘caretakers’ of the platform thus allowing agents access to “cheaper fees, lower prices and greater security”.

Will it change things for the general public and their house purchasing? Well if it gets the traction and moves forward the way that they plan, then hopefully some of these savings will be passed on to those selling their homes but we will have to wait and see.

If you wish to view the full article on Property Industry Eye, please click here 

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