The Benefits Of Digital Dictation

Most surveyors use a dictation machine in order to record their findings, but many are still using one of the old analogue recorders which are now seriously out of date. There are several problems with these, not the least of which is that the tapes get used over and over again and eventually they stretch. The first you will know about this is when your report comes back to you from your secretary with question marks all over it because she was unable to understand it.

Then there is the problem of tapes that go missing and you spend half an hour listening to several tapes in order to try and find the information that you want. There is also a similar problem when the tape gets physically lost.

With digital dictation, you have none of these problems. Using the digital dictation machine, it records what you say in a format that a computer can understand. This is similar to an MP3.

One of the most important advantages of digital dictation machines is the quality. Obviously, you have to hold the machine correctly, but provided you do so you will get first-class quality every time

Next, with a digital dictation machine you can add further information as you go. If you are using a traditional machine, you do not have the ability to go back and add something in the middle of what you already dictated. If you try to do that, you will lose part of what follows. However, with a digital machine you can insert an extra few words, a sentence or two, or even a paragraph or two in the middle of what you already dictated.

You can dictate anywhere you happen to be, even on an aeroplane. When you get to your hotel, you simply download the files and email them to your office.

If you keep a copy of the digital dictation file, you can check that the transcribed reports that you get back are what you dictated. You just play the particular file and then you can compare it to the physical report.

The system itself is extremely simple. You just dictate to your digital machine and then connect it with a USB cable to your computer or, if you are away from home your tablet, or laptop. You transfer the files from the recorder to your laptop and then simply send them to the typist via email.

In order to use digital dictation, you obviously need a digital recording machine. As we have already said, you can insert more dictation into the middle of the document if you wish, but of course you can also record over what you have already dictated if you wish to alter it.

You will also need transcription software which lets you will secretaries computer play a digital file. However when you use outsourced typing services from WWY, you won’t need to purchase that because we obviously already have it. Our typists also have a foot pedal which connects to their computer through a USB port and works in exactly the same way as a standard cassette machine.

Using our outsourced typing services all you need to do is to dictate your reports into your machine and when you have done so you just connect it to your laptop. Windows should recognise your recorder and you run the software to download the files to a folder.

Once you have done that, you can send them to us over the Internet via email, or simply upload them on our website. Note that you should send us copies of the files and keep a copy for yourself. This is so that you can compare the finished reports that you receive back, or just in case there is a hitch in cyberspace. Once you have proofread the documents you can then just print off on your printer, or you can instruct us to mail your report to your client for you.

You will find that using outsourced typing services in conjunction with digital dictation is so much better than the old way. It will save you a lot of time and it will save you a lot of money.

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