The Rapid Rise Of Outsourced Transcription Businesses

As the Internet has expanded exponentially over the last few years, it is becoming more and more common for businesses to outsource many of the functions that have historically been performed by salaried employees. All sorts of different functions can be performed by outworkers, in many cases faster and more efficiently than in-house employees, and without incurring many of the overheads that a business will typically encounter.

In particular, businesses are using outsourced typing services more and more, as they realise that there are serial advantages in doing so. There is hardly a business on the planet that can survive without producing information that is typed on to paper, despite the fact that email has replaced a considerable amount of it.

The recession which began in 2008 saw many companies go out of business, while others – struggling to survive – began to lay off staff. In particular, they cut down on what one might refer to as non-productive staff, such as secretaries, porters, cleaners, and so on. Quite obviously, they kept on sales staff as much as possible.

This led to many employees who had hitherto thought that they had a job for life, suddenly realising that there was no such thing as job security any more. Furthermore, those with an entrepreneurial spirit began to realise that being made redundant could actually have benefits.

Having been made redundant, and finding that the job market had shrunk considerably, many people realised that they could still use their skills by working as self-employed people from the comfort of their own homes. They could offer their services to a whole range of businesses on an ad hoc basis, and actually charge a higher rate per hour than they were getting as an employee. In sum, they could earn a higher income, as long as they could find sufficient businesses to keep them occupied.

At the same time, businesses began to realise that they could utilise the services of these people as and when they needed to. So, having made a secretary redundant, they could use outsourced typing services and only pay for what they needed, when they needed it. This does away with all of the overheads and disadvantages of being an employer.

As an employer in the UK today, a business is faced with many problems which simply did not arise as recently as 30 years ago. Legislation, and in particular interference in our day-to-day lives from the EU, means that employers in the 21st-century have many more problems with which to deal.

An employee can have anything up to 6 weeks holiday, might go sick for a month, has to be paid wages regardless of how well the business is doing overall, and much more. In today’s society, spurred on by vicarious lawyers, it has become the norm to sue your employer for any slightest perceived “injury”.

Thus, tripping over a loose piece of carpet in the office can lead to an employer being sued for compensation of thousands. In the vast majority of cases, the employee will win, for the simple reason that the law is weighted heavily against the employer. Even if the employee with a so-called grievance should lose the case, they will not have to pay any costs, while the employer is left to foot his lawyer’s bill, win or lose.

No wonder that so many businesses are finding it far better to make use of outsourced typing services which they can use as and when they need, and pay only for what they use. There are absolutely none of the costs associated with hiring an employee, and at the same time, there is no prospect of vexatious litigation. Certainly, they may be paying a higher hourly rate, but then again they only pay for the hours that they use. They are not paying for somebody to go on holiday for 6 weeks, and they are not paying if a typist goes sick. Furthermore, they do not have to contribute to a pension scheme.

Everybody is happy. This is a win-win situation. The former employer is now getting the work done as and when he needs it, and the former employee – provided he or she can get sufficient work overall – is earning more money.

Furthermore, the secretary/typist now has no problems of commuting, since she can work from home, simply receiving instructions and providing the service over the internet. Basically, all she needs is a laptop and an internet connection in order to make a comfortable living.

Using outsourced typing services such as those provided by WWY can reduce the overhead of any firm of surveyors, while at the same time providing a first-class, highly responsive service.

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