UK property asking prices fall as Brexit hits confidence

IMG_6120There is an interesting article in today’s online version of ‘The Independent’ newspaper which reports the first dip in UK house prices at this time of year compared with the same time over the last 8 years.

There is a belief that the uncertainty around Brexit is now causing buyers to be more hesitant whereas in previous months there was a tendency for buyers to “shrug off the uncertainty”.

The Independent reports that Rightmove’s Director and Housing Market Analyst, Miles Shipside states

“The autumn bounce normally kicks off at the same time as kids go back to school, but this year it’s a late starter at best, and if uncertainty persists then the autumn term could be missed altogether and its activities be delayed until the new year.

Those who are planning to buy or trade up and can keep their nerve while others hesitate may find that they are in a stronger negotiating position to get a favourable deal.”

If you are interested in reading the full article, please see the link below.

Source: UK property asking prices fall as Brexit hits confidence | The Independent

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