Why Outsource Your Typing?

As a busy self-employed chartered surveyor, one of the essentials of your business is typing up reports of all sorts for onward transmission to your clients. The problem with typing up reports is that, even if you are a competent typist, it does take up an awful lot of time.

If you stop to consider it for a moment, the actual typing up of your report does not earn you any money. Certainly, it is essential in order that you can get paid for the work that you have done, but the typing itself is simply an overhead. All the while that you are sitting typing away on a laptop you are losing money. If you were able to spend that time out in the field undertaking another survey you would be earning considerably more.

Of course, you could hire a secretary. However, the problem is that, if you are a one-man business or a small start-up, you probably don’t have enough work for a full-time secretary. As your business grows, then, yes, you may have sufficient work for a full-time secretary but you don’t at the moment.

Another disadvantage, if you hire a full-time secretary, is that you are going to have to find somewhere to put her! This means that you would need a small office somewhere, with all of the overheads that that entails. You would suddenly need to start buying office equipment such as desks, filing cabinets, electronic equipment, tea maker, and much more.

In addition, when you hire a secretary, not only do you have to pay her salary, you have to pay her when she goes on holiday. She could go sick for a fortnight, which means that you have to return to typing up all your reports yourself in any event. Of course, when you first employ her, you will probably also have to train her in all the standard industry jargon before she becomes competent enough to type your reports in the way that you want them presented.

There is an answer to all these problems, and that is outsourced typing services. By using outsourced typing services, you avoid all of the problems of becoming an employer, and all the expenses and pitfalls that go with it. Certainly, as your business expands and grows, at some point it may be necessary to become an employer, but it is something that most self-employed surveyors would like to put off for as long as possible.

Our outsourced typing services offer absolutely the best of all worlds. You can simply dictate your report using a digital dictation machine, and then send it to us by email, mobile phone, or via our website.
Our typists are highly trained, efficient, and fast.

What is more important is that they understand the terminology used by chartered surveyors, and they know how to type up your reports. Whether it is mortgage valuations, home buyer reports, building surveys, condition reports, schedules of dilapidations, or just general correspondence, our typists are competent to handle them all.

All of our typists are UK-based, and are PES checked to meet lender and client requirements. We offer market leading turnaround times, and your high quality reports are returned to you with full audit checks in place. Our digital dictation facility includes file upload and telephone dictation. We also have a mobile app facility.

Whether it is audio typing or copy typing, our fully trained team of typists are competent in the use of all the industry software such as Surveytext, Quest, Valuation Exchange, isurv Worksmart, and isurv Proforms. All of our typists are highly experienced audio typists and are practiced in estate agency, surveying, and financial services, and many have legal backgrounds. They understand your industry, and, of course, they are familiar with your terminology.

We can offer any level of service tailored to your exact requirements. You will also find our pricing extremely competitive.

By making use of our outsourced typing services, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time. More importantly, it frees you up to be tackling other jobs which are going to increase your income. If you can spend much more time out on the road meeting clients, and undertaking surveys, these are activities which produce income for you. It is far more important for you to be out in the field than slaving over a laptop.

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